H2S Certification

Fit Testing Using State of the Art Quantitative Fit Test Machine.

Since 1993

Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute, USA

Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute, USA is located in Floresville,Texas. We are a safety training company specializing in mandated oil field training, safety manuals, emergency response plans, accident investigations and compliance. We can offer these plans to accommodate clients for land, off shore and international operations. A Recognized Need for Our Service: There is a need out there for people with our experience. Our clients in the industry have seen the skill sets we bring to the table, so starting the company was a recipe for success.We present a unified front. We have kept up with the constant changes of the industry and enjoy working in a challenging environment. Our company representatives have more than 30 years of actual “boots-on-the-ground” oil field experience. We have been involved in drilling, completions, construction and production across the entire world. Design& Implementation of Safety Programs Your safety program is outlined based on all pertinent, state and federal mandated policies and procedures. We offer safety manuals, contingency plans, emergency response plans, accident investigations,and basic orientations. Our designs include the following 29CFR, 30CFR, 49CFR API- RP– 2D,14J- 14C- 75, Tap Root. Mandated SpecializedTraining for Oil FieldContractors We cover SafeLandUSA, SafeGulf, HAZWOPER, forklift, basic rigging practices, NORMsurveys,H2S training, Fit Testing and other programs. Our company is ETC Core (train the trainer) certified. All training needs are provided, including your pre-employment drug screening (DOT-DISA). We will design a safety program specific to your company’s need. Providing for a cost-effective “in- house” safety program.